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Our President, Nick Kautz, started Superior back in since 1977. With his long history in the carpet industry, he began to build his own flooring empire. Just over a decade later, his success gained him recognition with The Home Depot, thus Superior became an Authorized Service Provider for flooring projects in the Chicagoland area. Today, Superior is still a family owned and operated business specializing in Carpet and Hard Surface flooring. In addition to flooring, we also offer additional services such as decking, pavers, custom home organization including closets and blinds, basement remodeling, carpet cleaning, concrete coatings, and much more! Just ask us if we can provide a custom service! Can you briefly explain the differences between a deck and porch?

A porch ...

Posted: Friday, June 20, 2014

How can you turn your concrete backyard porch slab into a luxurious Outdoor Living retreat? Here are a few ideas: - Patio Pavers: a relatively inexpensive option for a home on a somewhat level terrain. You can create a relaxing space using a variety of different paver options and styles to create a barbecue, fire pit, seat walls, and more! - Wood and Composite Wood Decking: For those looking for the full backyard experience, building a deck for your backyard retreat can actually give you in upwards of 90% ROI! Decks are great for grilling out, relaxing in the sun, and can be combined into multiple levels - sometimes even leading into a beautiful paver landing into the grass! - Pergolas: when using a umbrella or a sun shade outdoors, it prevents the whole experience of being outdoors in ...

Posted: Wednesday, April 2, 2014

As it becomes cooler, outside air will more than likely be heated for indoor use. Unfortunately this also means that humidity levels inside your home maybe dropping substantially. This in turn affects several things related to hardwood floors such as wood shrinkage.

It is important to remember that winter brings many challenges for hardwood floors, which are often only remembered during the heat and humidity of the summer months. Now that it is winter, furnaces have been running in many regions for several weeks. Therefore shrinkage may occur due to the loss of moisture in the wood.

The only reliable way to prevent cracks from opening is to maintain constant relative humidity year round. A simple investment in a humidifier can do wonders for maintaining a ...

Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014

Superior Corporation of Illinois’s Gift Giving Season was a success on Monday, December 23, when three Home Depot employees were selected to be Superior’s Gift Giving Recipients. Two of The Home Depot’s employees received hand wrapped Christmas presents for their whole family, and one employee from The Home Depot received a monetary donation.

As a result, over $1000 in hand wrapped presents were given out to the two families. In the Chicago location, presents were delivered to the home of Members Hosley, an Assistant Store Manager who, until recently, worked for the Home Depot out of Gurnee, Illinois.

In the St. Louis location, Julie Kesselring, a Customer Order Specialist out of the Chesterfield, MO location, was given hand wrapped presents for her whole ...

Posted: Tuesday, December 24, 2013

To save money on heating, you can put on an extra sweater and turn the heat down, of course. But has some ideas for cost-effective ways you can cut your energy costs and still be comfortable:

Insulate. Having the proper insulation can cut heating and cooling costs by up to half. Insulation costs range from about 40 cents to about $2 a square foot, plus installation – which you might be able to do yourself. Options range from blown-in foam insulation to more environmentally friendly natural or recycled materials.

Seal leaks. Leaks in your attic, basement and around windows and doors can cost about $70 a year, while sealing those leaks with weatherstripping or caulk costs $100 to $600. You can do it yourself, but you should consult a ...

Posted: Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This holiday season Superior Corporation of Illinois would like to give back to the families for helping make Superior, Superior, by giving a few Families a Holiday we hope they will never forget.

We realize that from time to time everyone experiences hardships and difficulties. We, at Superior, would like to extend a helping hand to someone that may have gone through more than their fair share of hardships this past year.

From now until December 13th, we will be collecting names of associates and their stories. During the week of December 16th, Superior will send a Holiday Surprise to a few Families in hopes that we will be given the opportunity to make that families holiday a little brighter.

If you know of a Family who could use a little ...

Posted: Friday, November 15, 2013

Children are continuously moving, curious, and are constantly learning about the world around them. They climb, they crawl, and they get into things they shouldn’t get into. Naturally we are inclined to ‘child proof’ these areas. We buy gates to get in their way, plastic casings to stop them from turning knobs, and covers to stop from unpleasant shock. But what about the other every day issues we give little thought to?

October is National Child Safety Month, giving parents the perfect opportunity to rethink their homes in terms of child Safety. Window coverings are definitely one part of your home that should not be ignored, and with good reason! ­According to Shades Shutters and Blinds, “Hundreds of children will hurt themselves as a result of playing with the cords ...

Posted: Thursday, October 17, 2013

You've recently purchased a home - congratulations! What are some of the first projects new homeowners think about? Functional space to enjoy the atmosphere of their new environment. A place to serve guests, cook a meal on the grill, and enjoy summer of the nice weather of the season. A deck, patio, or landscaping can provide all the satisfaction of the above! Did you know that adding custom landscaping, a deck or patio pavers can actually increase the value of your home and give you a larger return on investment for the property? Remodeling magazine suggests over 60% on average for the Chicagoland area! Whether its a brand new deck, pavers, or landscaping, adding onto an existing one, or remodeling a worn and dated structure - Superior Corp. of IL can help you! We've partnered with ...

Posted: Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Superior Corp. of IL is an authorized Home Depot Home Services design and installation provider. We design and install deck, patio pavers, landscaping, basement finishing, and flooring. With over 95 Home Depot locations throughout Chicago, IL to St. Louis, MI using our services, we are positive that we can assess your wants and needs on your next home improvement project. We offer The Home Depot Credit Card and Project loan, home equity lines of credit with up to 20 years, special term 0% APR financing up to 5 years! Give us a call and discover why Superior Corp. of IL has been presented The Home Depot "Voice of the Customer" award consecutively over the past 5 years. With over 2,400 installations per month - we are equipped to finish your project fast, efficient, and with zero ...

Posted: Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ever thought about adding an addition, a sun room, or anything to gain an extra living area for your expanding family? Instead of building out or up, look below! Your basement is the perfect place for family events, a home office, teen apartment, child play area, or complete man cave! More and more families here in Chicago are finishing their already existing space in their basement at nearly half the cost of an addition! 90% of the basements being finished actually become the largest room within the entire home! With an over 70% ROI, basements are climbing to the top of the list on many homeowner's remodeling lists!

Posted: Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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